Samherji farms both Arctic Charr and Atlantic Salmon.  Samherji’s aquaculture is comprised of most aspects of fish farming, i.e. hatching, juvenile production, the on-growing of marketable fish, harvesting, packaging and marketing of the products.  The various fish farming operations are situated around Iceland. Samherji operates one broodstock farm, one hatchery, three nurseries and three ongrowing farms.  The company also operates two processing plants. All of the farms are land-based and use crystal clear geothermal water, fresh in nurseries or brackish in ongrowing. The farms all have simple flow through systems, some with settling ponds or filters. The effluents from the farms are directed into the sea, exept for one nursery where the effluents go into a freshwater body. Currently there is no reuse of water.


Glerárgata 30, 600

Akureyri, Iceland

ÚA is one of the largest fish processors in Iceland and was funded in 1983. It is a vertically integrated seafood company, operating a fleet of fishing vessels and a fish factory. The fleet consists of 7 trawlers, long-liners and pelagic ships.  ÚA aims to always utilizing marine resources in a sustainable way, integrating knowledge and new technology to increase utilisation.

Work Package Involvement

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Key role(s) in the project

In the Arctic Charr processing plant there is currently no treatment of blood water.  The key role of Samherji in this project would be to participate in the development of methods for blood water treatments and possible removal of valuable compounds from the blood water and evaluation of possible use of recirculation systems.