Industrial symbiosis platforms for synergy identification and their most important data points: a systematic review

C. Akrivou , L. Łȩkawska-Andrinopoulou , G. Tsimiklis & A. Amditis

August 31st 2021

Industrial symbiosis marketplace concept for waste valorization pathways

C. Akrivou, L. Łękawska-Andrinopoulou, C. Manousiadis, G. Tsimiklis, V. Oikonomopoulou, S. Papadaki, M. Krokida, & A. Amditis

May 20th 2022

A Comprehensive Overview of Tomato Processing By-Product Valorization by Conventional Methods versus Emerging Technologies

E. Eslami, S. Carpentieri, G. Pataro & G. Ferrari

December 29th 2022

Enhancing resource efficiency and sustainability in tomato processing: A comprehensive review

E. Eslami, E. Abdurrahman, G. Ferrari & G. Pataro

September 25th 2023

Current status and future research needs on the quantitative water use of finfish aquaculture using Life Cycle Assessment: A systematic literature review

C. M. Vasquez-Mejiaa, S. Shrivastavaa, M. Gudjónsdóttir, A. Manzardoc, Ó. Ögmundarson

September 25th 2023