AccelWater has 58 Deliverables, distributed among its 10 Work Packages. The Deliverables are classified according to their dissemination level and can be either “Public” or “Confidential”.

In the table below, all deliverables marked as public are listed.

Work PackageDeliverable NoDeliverable TitleDue Date
WP2D2.1Project Management HandbookJan-21
D2.2Risk Management Plan and Quality Assurance ReportJun-21
WP7D7.2System of systems architectureFeb-22
D7.3Models for measuring AccelWater solutions performanceJul-22
WP8D8.1Functional & Economic IndicatorsOct-24
WP9D9.4AccelWater solutions in the context of the EU and international policyOct-24
D9.5Replication assessment methodologyOct-22
D9.6Feasibility studies for the replication of the AccelWater demonstratorsOct-24
WP10D10.1Report on Networking Activities v1Oct-22
D10.2Report on Networking Activities v2Oct-24
D10.3Communication and Dissemination Strategy and Action PlanJan-21
D10.4AccelWater newsletterApr-21
D10.5AccelWater brochure and leaflet v1Apr-21
D10.6AccelWater brochure and leaflet v2Apr-22
D10.7Report on Communication and Dissemination activities v1Jan-22
D10.8Report on Communication and Dissemination activities v2Dec-22
D10.9Report on Communication and Dissemination activities v3Oct-24
D10.10AccelWater Knowledge Platform and e-learning modulesOct-24